A note of appreciation

You might have noticed me mention Louise Medby as an extraordinary former ACLS assistant back in August. Here is the photo caption that I posted at that time:

…you can see here the excellent filing arrangements of Jason Parker’s assistant Louise Medby. To all of you ultra-organized records managers and assistants out there: thank you!

I wanted to take a moment to extend that thanks by writing an ode. Ms. Medby’s work has been an inspiration to me throughout my time at this job, and it has always been a joy to process the records with which she worked. Her labels are clear and full of detail: every archivist’s dream! She sometimes included notes to highlight and explain the contents of folders, and went well above and beyond what her normal duties presumably were. I have no doubt that this collection will be much easier to research because of her diligence. Not all assistants work with such enthusiasm, but most are underappreciated regardless. Where would we be without them? So here it is – to all those out there who work hard to keep things in order:

Ode to Organized Assistants

O organizers radiant, your power to enthrall
With legacy of great detail, you leave these files ablaze
What gusto! Manage files and notes for projects large and small
I humbly give my thanks to you, and shower you with praise

O secretaries, ’tis for you, admin assistants too
The folders you create and mark and lovingly arrange
Are labeled with a date and place, assigned a lovely hue –
Your color coded masterpieces never do estrange!

You make the world a better place, us archivists agree
The notes you leave inside the files, the explanations of
What happened here, what did occur, they always guarantee
That history will be kept true, and shine as from above

So thank you, wondrous workers all, you always persevere
Keep up with vast demands and trials, your standards never skewed
You make our lives much easier, so now we volunteer
A recognition of great deeds, kind thoughts and gratitude!

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